One day

One day, I don’t know when,

When you’ll remember more than vain,

More than the petite things that hurt you,

When you’ll have lived, and loved, and sinned,

With much beloved freedom,

The one you never knew when young,

For which you sacrificed your love,

Forgetful freedom.

You’ll wake up breathing in,

A long forgotten scent,

Not knowing where it came from.

You’ll search the shape that calmed you down,

On which you’d fall asleep,

Draining your thoughts in moments just.

What happened to the loving arms,

That wrapped around you?

You’ve chased away the love,

The one that never wronged you,

Embraced the distance without a fight,

And let the tide of emptiness,

Engulf you.


Not knowing how men are,

You will believe and trust again,

In clever mannered wolfs you’ll try

To find the shoulder that you loved,

To find that idealized love.


Random thoughts…

Too much about nothing

Awaiting to be lifted from our own despair
We have forgotten to acknowledge
That happiness is giving more,
Not looking elsewhere.
We have abandoned ourselves,
Out of desire to be rescued
Instead of rescuing ourselves
Through th’other that awaits the rescue.
The cries for help were overshadowed
A wall of inner screaming
That we’ve created so that we
Are insulated from its meaning.
To insulate though we have failed,
Through emotions’ isolation
We only managed to destroy,
What we have thought for all this time;
A life of greater feelings.